Beach Girlz!

We are the Beach Girlz!!!

Hi our names are Cami and Casey and this website is all about our new is all about keeping our beaches clean!!!! Every Saturday we go down to different beaches and clean up as much as we can. Our premiere beach is going to be the Santa Monica Pier!!! We will make fliers and hand them out soon!!! I hope you guys are excited as we are!!! You guys could join our association easily...just write us a comment on this site saying you want to join!!! Anyway, we have games and videos so have fun!!!


We are offically opening our new beach cleaning organization!!! We are now
 called the beach girlz and we will be putting new news every week and we
 will also be posting our schedule of the beaches we are gonna go to!!!
 So if you wantto hear the dig on the dirt, check the news section right here!!!!

Recently, there has also been the oil spill, and it has effected many creatures of the sea.
What we are trying to say, is that we are going to get together at the beaches and we are
going to try and make the beaches a safe place for animals and people to play with sand
and have the best time ever! The beaches are a place to have fun, and enjoy with your family
and friends, to build sand castles and have a refreshing swim in the ocean, but you don't want
to swim in oil! So please, help the sea creatures and the people of the earth and join us today!